Auction 358 Classical Antiquity - Authors

EUSEBIUS. Das Onomastikon der biblischen Ortsnamen. Hrsg. v. E. Klostermann. (Nachdr. Ausg. 1904). 1966. Ocl. -- Id. Life of Constantine. Transl. w. introd. & comm. by A. Cameron & S.G. Hall. 1999. Obrds. w. dust-j. -- H.A. DRAKE. In praise of Constantine. A historical study and new translation of Eusebius' Tricennial orations. (1976). Ocl. -- R.M. GRANT. Eusebius as a church historian. 1980. Ocl. w. dust-j. (Spine discold.). -- R. FARINA. L'impero e l'imperatore cristiano in Eusebio di Cesarea. 1966. Owrps. -- And 3 o. by/on E. (8).

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