View the offer
You can view our catalogue online or request a printed catalogue by post. If you see lots of your interest, you can:

To make a bid you have the following options:

  1. Visit the auction room to make your bids. In that case you must register before the auction.

  2. Leave a bid on our website:
    a. In that case, you must first register once on the website: You go to 'Sign up' and create an account via the button:

    Then you can simply log in with your e-mail address and password.

    b. You choose a lot / lots that you find interesting. For each lot you enter a maximum bid (excluding buyer’s premium). Bidding can not be done below ± 80% of the estimate given in the catalogue and should be made according to the bid plan (see our sales conditions);

    c. The bids are then collected and placed under your "profile" under "my bids"; here you can still delete your bids, but in any case you must remember to confirm your bids. As long as you do not confirm your bids, there will be a red dot next to your name with a number that shows the number of bids to be confirmed. Your bids have only been placed once you have received a confirmation e-mail and the red dot in your name has disappeared.

  3. With an e-mail or letter by post.

  4. Telephone bidding is permitted from an amount of € 200, or on a consecutive series of lots; you must request this prior to the auction. Furthermore, this service is limited by the number of available telephone lines, which means that applications are handled in order of arrival.

  5. Live bidding. This is possible through two different web portals: Lot-tissimo / The Saleroom and Invaluable. After a one-time registration on the website of those portals, you can log in (this registration is separate from the one on our website). For a successfull live bidding, a fee is charged that differs between the web portals. This fee is calculated on the hammer price and will be added to the regular buyer´s premium. NB Don't forget to register in time because your application needs to be processed. / 3% of the hammer price 5% of the hammer price


Approximately 150 lots per hour
Our average auction pace is c. 150 lots per hour, which means that you can calculate to a certain extent when a lot / lots of your taste will be knocked down.

Pick up, send and pay 
After each session you can collect your purchases and pay in cash or via a payment terminal. After the auction, all buyers receive an invoice by e-mail or by mail. The purchased lots must be picked up within two weeks after the sale. Purchases can be sent on request after payment in advance of the invoice, including postal charges and handling.
Your payment can be transferred to our bank account NL70ABNA0108666654 in favour of Burgersdijk en Niermans BV (BIC ABN ANL2A).
We accept VISA and Mastercard. Cheques are not accepted.

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