Auction 358 Classical Antiquity - Authors

AUGUSTINUS -- FÖRSTER, G., (u.a., hrsg.). Spiritus et littera. Beitr. zur Augustinus-Forschung. Festschrift C.P. Mayer. (2009). Owrps. -- J. v. OORT, (a.o.), eds. Augustine and Manichaeism in the Latin West. 2012. Owrps. -- B. BRUNING, (e.a.), publ. Collectanea Augustiana. Mélanges T.J. van Bavel. 1990. Owrps. -- P. v. GEEST & J. v. OORT. Augustiniana Neerlandica. Aspecten van Augustinus' spiritualiteit en haar doorwerking. (2005). Ocl. w. dust-j. -- CONGRESSO Internaz. su S. Agostino nel XVI c. della conversione. 1987. 3 vols. Owrps. -- And 5 o. on A. (12).

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