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AUGUSTINUS. The confessions. Ed. by J. Gibb & W. Montgomery. 1908. Ocl. -- Id. The catholic and manichaean ways of life. - The retractions. - The teacher, the free choice of the will, grace and free will. - (1966-68). 3 vols. Or. binds. w. dust-j. (Fathers of the Church, 56, 59, 60). -- P. ROSE. Augustine on the relations between the living and the deceased. A discourse-linguistic commentary on De cura pro mortuis gerenda. 2011. Owrps. -- J. McWILLIAM, ed. Augustine: From rhetor to theologian. (1992). Ocl. -- C. STARNES. Augustine's conversion. A guide to the argument of Confessions I-IX. Ocl. -- And 6 o. on/by A. (13).

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