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CLEMENS I. Tou en hagios patros hemon kai hieromartyros Klementos pros Korinthious Epistole / S. patrus & martyris Clementis ad Corinthios epistola. Oxford, e Theatro Sheldoniano, 1677. (22), 1125, (9); 25, (65) pp. 12º. Cont. vellum. (Both endpapers detached, some quires bit loose).

Clement I (d. 99 CE.) This letter is one of the earliest Christian documents after the New Testament; it clarifies some aspects of early church hierarchy. Also contains the Second Letter of Clement, now widely regarded to be by another author. 2nd ed. of this work (first ed. 1696), revised by John Fell (1625-1682), Bishop of Oxford. Printed Greek & Latin on parallel pages. Former owner's neat signature on title page; presumably Rijcklof Volckertsz van Goens, 1619-1682, Governor-General of the VOC from 1678-1681.

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