Veiling 358 Classical Antiquity - Philology

FESTSCHRIFTEN -- LARDINOIS, A.P.M.H., (a.o.), ed. Land of Dreams. Greek and Latin Studies in Honour of A.H.M. Kessels. (2006). Obrds. -- M. BAUMBACH, (u.a.), hrsg. Mousopolos Stephanos. Festschrift für H. Görgemanns. (1998). Obrds. -- R.I.A. NIP, (a.o.), ed. Media Latinitas. A collection of essays to mark the occasion of the retirement of L.J. Engels. 1996. Owrps. -- J. den BOEFT & A.H.M. KESSELS, ed. Actus. Studies in honour of H.L.W. Nelson. 1982. Ocl. -- And 5 o. (9).

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