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WIC -- NADER PROLONGATIE van het octroy voor de Westindische Compagnie voor den tyd van nog dertig jaaren. The Hague, I. Scheltus, 1761. 4 conjoined broadside lvs. 520 x 350 mm per lf., total 520 x 1450 mm. (Margins dam., attachment points delicate, waterstains in places, folds reinforced in places, some tears in the folds).

A proclamation by the Dutch States General, extending the charter of the Dutch West India Company for another thirty years. Like the 1730 proclamation, it has detailed information about the import of slaves from West Africa to Surinam, Essequibo and Berbice, where the WIC was granted a monopoly in the slave trade, while others could import slaves to Curaçao and other parts of America, as the proclamation notes.

€ 200

uitslag € 440

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