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FOREEST, P. v. Observationum & curationum medicinalium Liber XIX & XX. - Bound with: Liber XXI, XXII & XXIII. - And: Liber XXIV & XXV. - Leyden, Ex Off. Plantiniana, 1595-96. 3 in 1 vol. (32), 429, (17); (32), (5); (32), 521, (14) pp. Old h. vellum extra w. red speckled edges. (Scribbling in an old hand on first ti-p., a few old underlinings in the first work, a few lvs. of index vol. 2 stained, some (marginal) dampstaining).

Pieter van Foreest (1522-1597) was a Dutch physician and pupil of Vesalius. He served as town physician for over fifty years, first in Alkmaar and later in Delft. Because of his thoughtful therapeutic approach to patient care, he is often considered the Dutch Hippocrates. He began publishing his Observationes et Curationes in 1588, usually issuing three or four books at a time. Ultimately his books became a comprehensive series on disease, which ultimately included more than thirty volumes. The series reflected an extensive summary of sixteenth century medical knowledge, and was frequently cited by later authors. The books present here: 19-25. - Durling 1616-18; Adams F-769, 770, 771; Typ. Batava, 1957-59.

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