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POMPONIUS MELA. De situ orbis libri tres. And. Schottus rec. & spicilgio illustr. Add. H. Barbati Veneti, & F. Nonij Pintiani Castigationes. - Bound as usual with: A. SCHOTTUS. Geographica et historica Herodoti, quae Lat. Mela exscripsit, (…). - Antw., Ex Off. Chr. Plantini, 1582. 2 in 1 vol. 64, (16), 71, 69-80, 70; 28 pp. W. woodcut printer's device on both ti-pp., beautiful fold. engr. worldmap by Ortelius, 1 small text-woodcut & sev. historiated initials. Old hcf. extra w. raised bands, dec. gilt back & brown label. (Lacking final blank of first work (II4), ink annot. first endpaper, tiny hole to p. 33, a few underl., a bit browned/foxed in places).

Pomponius Mela, a native of southern Spain close to modern Gibraltar, composed his description of the world, in the form of a circuit around the Mediterranean, in the first half of the first century AD. The editor, André Schott, was a scholar from Antwerp who subsequently joined the Jesuits and composed other similar educational texts. - Voet 2082-83; Adams M-1064, S-717; Belg. Typ. 2074-75. For the map: Shirley 145.

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