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IRENAEUS. Opus eruditissimum in quinque libros digestum, in quibus mire retegit & confutat veterum haereseon impias ac portentosas opiniones, ex vetustiss. codicum collatione quantum licuit Des. Erasmi opera emend. Basel, Froben, 1560. (12), 338, 2 blank, (24) pp. W. woodcut printer's mark on ti. & at the end. Fol. Mod. brds. w. brown cf. label.

Froben reprint of Erasmus' ed. of one of the first great Church Fathers, Irenaeus of Lyon (140-202), first publ. in 1526. - Fine clean copy. Adams, I-154; Machiels I-76; VD-16 I-320; Vanderhaeghen II 32; Graesse III, 429.

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