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CAESAR. Commentariorum de Bello Gallico, ll. VIII. De bello Civili Pompeiano, ll. III. De bello Alexandrino, lib. I. De bello Africano, lib. I. De bello Hispaniensi, lib. I. - Bound with: Commentarios De bello Gallico ac civili, Henrici Glareani (…) annotationes. - Venice, J. Gryphius, 1552. 2 in 1 vol. (56), 496, (46), 119 pp. W. 5 wood-engrs. figuring fortified cities or parts of their fortifications (Marseille, Bourges, Alesia, Uxellodunum), the first representation of the bridge accross the Rhine built by Caesar & 2 double-p. maps (Gaul and Spain). Rebound in h. vellum. (New endpapers, repaired hole in first 14 lvs. (w. some loss of text), upper margin cut short, sl. yellowed).

Rare edition of the commentary on the works of Caesar edited by the archaeologist and architect from Verona Giovanni Giocondo (1433-c. 1515) who designed the Palazzo del Consiglio for Maximilian I in Verona and built the Pont Notre-Dame in Paris (rebuilt in 1853). The second part is composed of notes by the Swiss humanist and poet Henricus Glareanus (1488-1563) on the Gallic and Civil war relations by Caesar. - Not in Adams, Machiels, Soltész.

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