Auction 358 Modern Art

DERRIÈRE LE MIROIR -- No. 250: HOMMAGE à Aimé & Marguerite Maeght. (Par., Maeght, 1982). 112 pp. W. or. lithogr. cover by S. Steinberg, 18 or. lithogr. in col. (10 double-p.) by Shusaku Arakawa, J. Monory, P. Bury, P. Alechinsky, B. v. Velde, J. Miró, M. Chagall, a.o. and 4 plain lithogr. by E. Kelly, E. Chilida, a.o. Fol. Owrps. -- No. 199: TAL-COAT. (Par., Maeght, 1972). W. or. lithogr. by Tal-Coat. Fol. Owrps. -- And 1 o. (no. 208: Riopelle). (3).

€ 200

result € 220

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