Auction 358 Topographical Prints & Drawings

SOUTH AMERICA -- CARIBBEAN -- "ABBILDUNG welcher Gestalt die Spanische Silberflotta von dem Holländischen General Peter Peters Hayn [=Piet Hein] an der Insul Cuba, in der Baya Matanca Anno 1628 erobert worden". (Hanau, D. Aubry for M. Merian, 1630). Engr. view of the Bay of Matanzas w. 3 insets: portraits of Piet Hein & H.C. Lonck, and a map of Cuba. Letterpress title above and explanatory legend underneath. (Faint vertical fold).

Depicting the capturing of 'La Flota' by the fleet of the Dutch admiral Piet Hein in 1628. This yearly convoy brought gold, silver a.o. valuables from the Spanish colonies in the Americas and the West Indies to Spain. The total value of the loot is currently estimated at 120 million euro.

€ 400

result € 340

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