Auction 358 Topographical Prints & Drawings

LOW COUNTRIES -- COLLECTION of together 11 engr. (perspective) views on 7 plates of Roosendaal (3 x), Bergen op Zoom (2 x), Oosterhout, Zundert, etc. 18th c. Dif. sizes, 4 cold. by hand. -- Added: "KAART van nevenstaand gefigureerd perceel zaailand, gelegen bij Steenbergen (…)". Steenbergen, 1 dec. 1866. Drawing of a seed plot in colour between 'De Lunette' and 'De Vest', signed by the surveyor A. Korst. Paper on cardboard. 330 x 485 mm. (Browned, margins a bit dam.). -- (8).

€ 180

result € 340

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