Auction 358 Europe, General History of

FREDERICK THE GREAT -- KUGLER, F. Geschichte Friedrichs des Grossen. Lpz., 1840. W. ill. by A. Menzel. Beautiful fine richly gilt dec. full green mor., a.e.g. In slipcase. - E. LANGE. Die Soldaten Friedrich's des Grossen. Lpz., 1853. W. tinted ti., and 31 plates by E. Kretzschmar after Adolph Menzel, all cold. by hand. Fine green h. mor., t.e.g. - Id. Heerschau der Soldaten Friedrich's des Grossen. Lpz., 1856. Same ill. as previous work, but uncold. Fine green h. mor., t.e.g., w. owrps. bound up. - 3 vols. (Matching binds. w. same spine dec.). -- And 2 o. on F. (5).

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result € 280

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