Auction 357 Private Presses - Printing Art

EIKELDOORPERS -- ZUYLEN, B. v. Brief aan Vincent. Vert. P.H. & S. Dubois. 1998. Tall-8°. Owrps. Printed in 60 numb. copies. -- A. VALERIUS. Ick stont verbaast. (2013). Owrps. Printed in 66 numb. copies. -- VENANTIUS FORTUNATUS. To gogo. Vert. d. H. Waddell. (2014). Owrps. Printed in 90 numb. copies. -- D. de VRIES. De verrassing van de binnenkant. (2011). W. loosely inserted print, signed in pencil. Owrps. Printed in 500 numb. copies. -- H. VERBEEK. Goed versus kwaad. 1999. Owrps. Printed in 55 copies. -- And 10 o. works/publications. (15).

Added: large collection of prints, letters, envelopes, postcards, planos, invitations, etc., all by the same press).

€ 150

result € 80

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