Auction 357 Travel guides and maps

CRUISES/OCEAN LINERS -- COLLECTION of 95 coloured commercial folders, leaflets a.o. printed matter (e.g. cabin plans, suitcase labels, blank menu cards) related to travelling with ocean liners, published c. 1950's-1960's by Dutch shipping companies. Diff. sizes. In very fine condition.

I.a.: ROYAL INTEROCEAN LINES 'Tjinegara' Cabin Plan. 1950's. -- KONINKLIJKE ROTTERDAMSCHE LLOYD. Routekaart. 1950's. -- DISCOVER PANAM, Land of 2 Oceans. 1950's. -- ROYAL ROTTERDAM LLOYD. General Information for Passengers. 1957. -- TAKE A DUTCH FREIGHTER/Reist per vrachtship. 1950's. -- M.S. WILLEM RUYS, Royal Rotterdam Lloyd. 1950's.

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