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HUYGENS, Ch. The pendulum clock or geometrical demonstrations concerning the motion of pendula as applied to clocks. Transl. w. notes by R.J. Blackwell. Introd. by H.J. M. Bos. (1986). Ocl. -- J. BIARD & S. ROMMEVAUX, (eds.). Mathématiques et theorie du mouvement (XIVe- XVIe siècles). (2008). Owrps. -- M. BLAY. La science du mouvement de Galilée à Lagrange. (2002). Owrps. -- H.J.M. BOS, (a.o., eds.). Studies on Christiaan Huygens. 1980. Obrds. (Spine skimmed by silverfish). -- A.E. BELL. Christian Huygens and the development of science in the 17th century. (1st ed.). (1947). Ocl. w. dust-j. -- And 9 o. by/on Huygens. (14).

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