Auction 355 Classical Antiquity - Authors

THUCYDIDES. Historia belli Peloponnesiaci. Cum nova transl. lat. F. Haasii. 1855. Lge-8°. Cont. h. mor. -- POLYBIUS. (Historiae). Ex rec. I. Bekkeri. 1844. 2 vols. Cont. green h. mor. (Foxing). -- ZOSIMUS. Historia nova. Ed. L. Mendelssohn. 1887. Clothbacked brds. (Spine worn). -- SOPHOCLES. Oedipus Tyrannus. Ed. R.C. Jebb. 1885. Hcf. extra w. red label. (Interleaved copy w. underl. and annot.). -- Id. Oedipus Rex. Ed. et adnot. H. v. Herwerden. Ed. major acced. Analecta tragica et Analecta Ambrosiana. 1866. Cont. h. mor. -- And 6 o. (12).

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