Auction 355 Classical Antiquity - Authors

THEOPHRASTUS. Metaphysics. W. introd., transl. & comm. by M. v. Raalte. 1993. Ocl. w. dust-j. (Mnemosyne. Suppl., 125). -- Id. Metaphysics. W. transl., comm. & introd. by W.D. Ross & F.H. Fobes. 1929. Ocl. -- Id. De lapidibus. Ed. w. introd., transl. & comm. by D.E. Eichholz. 1965. Ocl. -- Id. Characteres; Marcus Antoninus comm., Epicteti dissert. ab Arriano literis mandatae, fragmenta et enchiridion cum comm. Simplicii, Cebetis tabula, Maximi Tyrii dissert. Gr. & Lat. cum ind. Ed. F. Dübner. 1842. Lge-8°. Cont. h. mor. (Didot). (A bit foxed). -- And 6 o. by/on T. (10).

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