Auction 351 from June 16-17 and COVID-19

Viewing days and auction will be held in a different way than you are used to.

>> VIEWING DAYS: The possibility to visit the viewing days will be extended, from Tuesday June 2 to Monday June 15, but BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and every day from 10 am to 5 pm. This is the only way we can properly comply with the provisions set by the government. You can specify in advance when you want to come and how much time you think you need. To make an appointment, we advise you to call us: 071-5121067 or 071-5126381.
>> AUCTION: For those who really see no other possibility, there will be an opportunity to take a seat in the auction room during the auction sessions, taking into account the one and a half meter distance. Given the available space, the number of bidders will be limited to approx. 12 people. We also request you to make an APPOINTMENT for this.
>> Please don't come to a viewing day or to the auction if you have a cold, have a cough, or have a fever.
Of course you can bid in the way you are used to, i.e. with pre-specified bids (communicated on our website or in writing/by telephone), at Invaluable and Lot-Tissimo (via their platforms), and by telephone (depending on the number of available lines).
On our website, all lots have photos on which a lot can be seen in high resolution of their nature and composition. However, if you would like more information, we will be happy to send you additional photos or provide the necessary explanations by telephone. In short, we will do everything we can to make viewing items easier.
We are fully aware that the restrictive measures during viewing days and auction infringe the special atmosphere that you are used to with us. We also find that very regrettable, but we hope nevertheless that it does not prevent you from chasing that special book or print.
NB If there is reason to change the restrictions, we will announce this on our website.
Finally: your and our health is the most important thing in life!

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