Veiling 359 Non European Civilizations - Ancient Near East & Middle East

SUMER - AKKAD -- VELDHUIS, N. Elementary Education at Nippur. The lists of trees and wooden objects. 1997. Owrps. -- A.J. FERRARA. Nanna-Suen's journey to Nippur. 1973. Lge-8°. Owrps. -- S. TINNEY. The Nippur lament. Royal rhetoric and divine legitimation in the reign of Isme-Dagan of Isin (1953-1935 B.C.). 1996. Ocl. -- J.S. COOPER. The return of Ninurta to Nippur an-gim dím-ma. 1978. 4°. Bound. (Anal. Orientalia 52). -- E. CHIERA. Lists of personal names from the Temple School of Nippur. A syllabary of personal names. / Lists of Akkadian personal names. / Lists of Sumerian personal names. 1916-19. 3 vols. Lge-8°. Owrps. (1 spine a bit dam.). -- And 2 o. (9).

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