Veiling 359 Non European Civilizations - Ancient Near East & Middle East

STATE ARCHIVES OF ASSYRIA CUNEIFORM TEXTS. Vols. 1-12. 1997-2016. 12 vols. of the series. Owrps. (Spines sunned). -- Added: STATE ARCHIVES OF ASSYRIA BULLETIN. Vols. 1, 19-21. 1987-2015. 4 vols of the series. 4°. Owrps. -- C. WALKER. The induction of the cult image in Ancient Mesopotamia. The Mesopotamian Mis Pi Ritual. 2001. W. CD-ROM. Owrps. (SAALT I, all published.). -- And 1 o. (18).

I.a.: PARPOLA, S. The Standard Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh. 1997. -- A. ANNUS. The Standard Babylonian Epic of Anzu. -- M.J. GELLER. Evil Demons: Canonical Utukku Lemnutu Incantations. 2007. -- T. OSHIMA. The Babylonian Theodicy. 2013. -- B. OTTERVANGER. The Tale of the Poor Man of Nippur. 2016. -- All published in the SAACT series as of January 2024.

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