Veiling 359 Non European Civilizations - Ancient Near East & Middle East

FESTSCHRIFTEN -- (MELLINK, M., a.o., ed.). Aspects of art and iconography: Anatolia and its neighbors. Studies in honor of Nimet Özgüç. 1993. 4°. Ocl. w. dust-j. -- G.D. YOUNG, (a.o.), eds. Crossing boundaries and linking horizons. Studies in honor of M.C. Astour. (1997). Ocl. w. dust-j. -- ANATOLIAN STUDIES. Vol. 30: In honour of O.R. Gurney. Vol. 33: In honour of R. Barnett. 1981-84. 2 vols. Owrps. -- S. de MARTINO & F.P. DADDI, cur. Anatolia antica. Studi di memoria di F. Imparati. (2002). 2 vols. Owrps. -- And 1 o. (7).

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