Veiling 359 Non European Civilizations - Ancient Near East & Middle East

ARABIA -- LANE, E.W. An Arabic-English lexicon, derived from the best and most copious Eastern sources (…) containing all the classical words and significations commonly known to the learned among the Arabs. Book I, pt. 1-8 (all published). (Repr. ed. 1862-93). 2003. 8 vols. 4°. Or. binds. -- Added: C.P. CASPARI. Arabische Grammatik. 4. Aufl. bearb. v. A. Müller. 1876. Cont. clothbacked brds. -- W. FISCHER. A Grammar of Classical Arabic. 3rd rev. ed., transl. from the German by J. Rodgers. (2002). Ocl. -- H. SALLOUM & J. PETERS. Arabic Contributions to the English Vocabulary. (1996). Obrds. w. dust-j. -- And 9 o. in 10 vols. (21).

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