Veiling 357 Bibliography - Typography - Fine Printing

EX LIBRIS -- COLLECTION of c. 210 ex libris for Dutch language owners whose names begin with F. 19th-20th c. Various sizes, techniques and artists, partly signed in pencil. All but a few tipped onto mounts, loosely inserted in alphabetical order in 2 board boxes.

Incl. some duplicates/variants. Comprises ex libris for a.o.: G. Fafié; F.E. Farwerck; J. Hora Feith; P.J. Fentener van Vlissingen; Alexander Fentener van Vlissingen; Wolfgang Fiedler; J.P. Fockema Andreae; H. de la Fontaine Verwey; Agnes van Foreest; A.P.J. Fortuin; Moederhuis Fraters Tilburg; E.J. Frima; Mieke Fris; and Nellie Fruytier.

€ 90

uitslag € 190

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