Veiling 357 Bibliography - Typography - Fine Printing

BIBLIOGRAPHISHER ALT-JAPAN KATALOG 1542-1853. (1977). -- F. MULLER. Cataogue of Books, Maps, Plates on America and of a remarkable collection of Early Voyages. 1966. -- R. du RIETZ. Bibliotheca Polynesiana. A cat. of some of the books in the Polynesiana Colection formed by the late B. Kroepelien and now in the Oslo Univ. Libr. 1969. -- P.L. PHILLIPS. A list of maps of America. (1967). -- G.M. ASHER. A bibliographical and historical essay on the Dutch books and pamphlets relating to New Netherland. 1966. -- P.A. TIELE, (réd). Mémoire bibliogr. sur les journeaux des navigateurs néerlandais (…); la plupart en la possession de F. Muller. 1969. -- 6 vols. Diff. sizes. Or. binds. -- And 4 o. in 5 vols. (11).

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