Veiling 357 Philosophy

LEIBNIZ, G.W. Theodicy. Essays on the goodness of God the freedom of man and the origin of evil. Ed. w. an introd. by A. Farrer. Transl. by E.M. Huggard. (1951). Ocl. -- Id. Philosophical essays. Ed. & transl. by R. Ariew & D. Garber. (1994). Owrps. -- Id. Discours de métaphysique et Correspondance avec Arnauld. (Ed.) p. G. Le Roy. 1966. Owrps. (Some wear). -- M. HOOKER, (ed.). Leibniz: Critical and interpretative essays. (1982). Owrps. (Spine discold. & creased). -- F. DUCHESNEAU. La dynamique de Leibniz. (1994). Owrps. -- And 5 o. (10).

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