Veiling 356 Classical Antiquity - Authors

PLATO. Theaetetus. - Sophista. - Politicus et incerti auctoris minos. - Philebus. - Rec. & prolegomenis atque comm. illustr. G. Stallbaum. Gotha, 1839-42. 4 parts in 1 vol. Cont. vellum w. dec. gilt back & sides, gilt coat of arms of Utrecht on both sides. (Foxed/stained in places). -- Id. Meno. Ed. w. introd. & comm. by R.S. Bluck. 1964. Ocl. w. (a bit dam.) dust-j. -- A.E. TAYLOR. A comm. on Plato's Timaeus. 1928. Ocl. -- Id. Opera. Rec. brev. adnot. crit. instr. J. Burnet. (1958-62). 5 vols. Ocl. (OCT). -- Id. The Symposium. Ed. by R.G. Bury. 2nd ed. 1932. Ocl. -- And 1 o. by P. (11). (Some vols. w. a few underl./annot. in pencil).

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