Veiling 356 Modern Art

BOLTANSKI, Chr., (u.a.). Signal. Hrsg. v. B. Jussen. Übers./transl. by G. Diekmann. (Göttingen, 2004). 139 pp. 8°-obl. Or. illustr. brds. -- Id. ("SIGNAL"). (Cologne, Texte zur Kunst, 1995). 280 x 406 mm. Coloured photo/print in two parts: on the right side a portrait of 'Le Maréchal Walter von Reihenau' and on the left side a magnified photo of a bumblebee sitting on a rose, both taken from the Nazi propaganda magazine 'Signal'. Signed by the artist and numbered by hand 48/100. -- Issued as appendix to: TEXTE ZUR KUNST. 5. Jhg., Nr. 20: Jubiläumausgabe Konkurrenz und neue Normen. Cologne, 1995. 210 pp. NB pp. 136-7! -- (3).

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