Veiling 355 Rail- and Tramways

LYON BROOK VIADUCT/BRIDGE. (1869). Two albumen prints, juxtaposed on period mount with mounted paper label with printed caption: "Patent Wrought Iron Trestle. Length 820 Feet, Height 165 Feet, Louisville Cincinnati & Lexington R.R (crossed out and written in black ink 'Lyon Brook Viaduct, N. York & Oswego Midland R.Rd'), Smith, Latrobe & Co. (crossed out and written in black ink 'Baltimore Bridge Co.'). Engineers and Bridge Builders, Baltimore, MD. Manufactured by Phoenix Iron Company". Image size 220 x 640 mm. (Folded, stained, paper dam.). -- Added: COURRET HERMANOS (=Eugène & Achille COURRET). N.d., c. 1870. 3 albumen prints, on period mounts with a printed caption "Courret Hermanos, Phot. Calle Marcaderos 197, Lima". Image size 182 x 245 mm (2) and 169 x 221 mm. -- (4).

Ad 1: The bridge over the Lyon Brook (NY) was completed December 1869, and became the engineering landmark of the Oswego Midland's Northern Division. Demolished in the 1950's.

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