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SLAVERY -- "SLAVE TRADE. Lo! the poor Captive with distraction wild. Views his dear Partner torn from his embrace! A diff'rent Captain buys his Wife and Child. What time can from his Soul such ills erase?" Lond., 1791. Cont. handcoloured mezzotint by J.R. Smith after George Morland. 500 x 685 mm. Laid down on cardboard. (Lower captions partly touched up in black ink, margins a bit stained/soiled (partly due to previous framing), a bit browned).

In 1788, the popular English artist George Morland (1763-1804) produced an oil painting which he originally titled "The Affectionate Slaves" or "Execrable Human Traffic." The scene of an African man torn from his family by European slavers was engraved by John Raphael Smith for this 1791 print, produced in a large and popular edition, most of which were not colored. Along with the engraving of the slave ship Brookes, it provided an enduring visual image to help promote the abolitionist cause. - Dawe, 'Life of George Morland', p. 152; Frankau, 'John Raphael Smith: His Life and Works', 321.

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