Auction 357 Manuscripts, Letters a.o. Written Documents

MANUSCRIPT COOKBOOK. N.d. (=late 18th c.). C. 200 lvs. Ms. on paper in two legible hands w. index on recipes at beginning. Cont. vellum w. copper clasps.

Recipe book, probably from a well-to-do household. The index and the first 128 pp. are numbered and written by the same person. Another hand - C.M. van Slooten-van Reede (1877-1945) - wrote three more recipes but did not number the pp. The rest of the book is empty. Contains over a 100 alphabetically arranged sweet and savoury recipes, from "Apricoosen te Confijten" to "Podding die goed is van Juffrouw Hoving" to "Snoek op zijn Poolsch te stooven" to "Wafele van lys". Names occurring in this manuscript: Renselaar, Francken, Lies, Hardman.

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result € 900

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