Auction 357 Private Presses - Printing Art

LEOPOLD, J.H. Soefisch. Lond., The Central School of Arts and Crafts, 1936. 4°. Owrps. Rare. Printed on handmade paper in black and red, in a very small number of copies under supervision of J.H. Mason by F. Mayer. -- A. MUSSCHE. Koraal van den dood. (Gent, 1938). W. woodcuts & covewr design by J. Cantré. Owrps. (Spine a bit dam.). Printed in 300 numb. copies. This copy with author's handwritten dedication to Garmt Stuiveling. -- J. GRESHOFF. Confetti. Kleine gedichten. Bruss./Maastr., 1928. Owrps. (Spine a bit dam.). Printed in 350 numb. copies. -- And 16 o. (smaller) works. (19).

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