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DRUKWERK IN DE MARGE -- KITTY K. Een blijk van waardering. (, n.publ.), 2003. W. title/contributor's leaf, 18 booklets/leaves by various Dutch private presses. Dif. sizes. Tog. in a wrapper in the shape of a giant teabag, in a velvet lined wooden tea box.

Printed on occasion of the 60th birthday of Kitty Keijser-Gaymans. Contains contributions by i.a. A. Barbaix, J. Bouman, F. den Breejen, R. Cox, H. van Eijk, R. Hesselink, W. Hiebel, R. de Jong, G. Kleis, K. Kloos, W. Kramer, S. Prop, S. Saveur, J. Schipper, M. Scholtens, K. Thomassen, H. Verkruissen and P. Witteveen. - Printed in a limited edition.

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result € 80

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