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WILGENKAMP BINDERY -- DAAL, G. v. Persverguldletters & sierstukken van de collectie Elias P. van Bommel. Dl. 1: Persverguldletters. Dodewaard, Distelkamp & Arethusa Pers, 2001. Proof copy of vol. 1 (w. cut lines still visible). Fol. Beautifully bound by Marja Wilgenkamp in Meander binding w. board sides covered w. paste paper. In handmade sliding box with lid & envelope for CD.

Custom made binding for Jos Swiers. Both on book and box the title is converted into block forms. - Added: cloth covers containing a material description (= 2 samples of lpaper and 2 bossed stamps ).

€ 500

result € 400

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