Auction 357 Bibliography - Typography - Fine Printing

EX LIBRIS -- COLLECTION of c. 450 ex libris for Dutch language owners whose names begin with R. 20th c. Various sizes, techniques and artists, some signed in pencil. All but a few tipped onto mounts, loosely inserted in alphabetical order in 3 boxes.

Incl. some duplicates/variants. Contains ex libris for a.o.: P.J. Raadsheer; Riet Ruisch-Rackwitsz; Fons Rademakers (computer print 1968); Jetty Ram; H.A. Ravenswaay; N. Reinke; Hans Remus; Joh. Resseler; Gert van Ree; W.C.A. Riemvis; T. Rietveld; J.H. Ritman; R. Ritskes; J. Rockx; H. Roest; P. Roose; G. Roosink; Bosch van Rosenthal; Berend Roskam; W.J. Rozendaal; Bart Ruitenberg; Russisch Koor; Ans Ruijgrok; R.J.A. te Rijdt; and D.C. van Rijssen. Includes some unidentified plates with just initials indicated.

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