Auction 357 Natural History - Medicine - Science - Technology

ORESME, N. Tractatus de commensurabilitate vel incommensurabilitate motuum celi. Nicole Oresme and the kinematics of circular motion. Ed. w. introd., Engl. transl., & comm. by E. Grant. 1971. Ocl. -- A. GODDU. The physics of William of Ockham. 1984. Owrps. (Plasticized & strengthened, spine slightly dam., block sound). -- S. MOSER. Grundbegriffe der Naturphilosophie bei Wilhelm v. Ockham. Kritischer vergleich der Summulae in libros physicorum mit er Philosophie des Aristoteles. 1932. Owrps. (Spine discold.). -- P.V. SPADE, (ed.). The Cambridge Companion to Ockham. (1999). Owrps. -- N.H. STENECK. Science and creation in the Middle Ages. Henry of Langenstein (d. 1397) on Genesis. (1976). Ocl. (Ex library copy). -- And 5 o. (10).

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