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EROTICA -- (MARTEN, J.?). De groote zonden van vuile zelfs-bevleckinge, door jonge en oude mans- en vrouws persoonen (…). Vert. d. (J. v. Hode). (2nd title:) Onans sonde, en straffe, voorgestelt aan die zig verontrynigen, door zelfs-besmettinge. Rott., (, 1730. (48), 368 pp. Cont. vellum, uncut. (Lower outer corner faintly stained in places, sl. browned).

First Dutch translation (after the 12th Engl. ed.) of this fundamental English work of scaremongering anti-masturbation literature, first published in an undated edition in the early 1700's and reprinted many times ("Onania, or, The heinous sin of self-pollution, and all its frightful consequences in both sexes, considered"). The reader is warned that masturbation can lead to: "Disturbances in the stomoch... vomiting, nausea... paralysis... thinness, pimples on the face... attacks of rage, maddness, idiocy... and finally suicide." Those suffering from prior misdemeanor are advised to acquire "Strengthening Tincture" and "Prolific Powder" to cure themselves of their wicked habits. - Rare, only 2 copies in NCC.

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