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ALCHEMY -- DREBBEL, C. Grondige oplossinge van de natuur en eygenschappen der elementen. En hoe sy veroorzaaken donder, blixem, hitte, koude, wind, regen, hagel, sneeuw &c. (…) Als mede een klare beschryving van de Quinta Essentia (…). Noch een dedicatie van 't primum mobile. Amst., J. Graal, 1709. 108 pp. W. engr. ti. - Bound with: G. STARKEY, (a.o.). Eenige philosophische en medicinale tractaatjes. Beschrijvende de Liquor alchahest, de mercurius der philosophen, en andere curieusheden. Uit het Engels vert. d. J. v.d. Velde. Amst., J. v. Velde, 1688. (8) (of 10), 260 pp. Tog. 2 in 1 vol. Sm-8°. Cont. vellum. (Vellum soiled, upper hinge broken, paste-downs detached, margins engr. ti. a bit dam./frayed, unfortunately engr. plate of Alchemist to 2nd work (A6) is lacking, loosening, a bit browned/soiled).

Ad 1: Cornelis Jacobszoon Drebbel (1572-1633) was a Dutch engineer and inventor. He was the builder of the first operational submarine in 1620 and an innovator who contributed to the development of measurement and control systems, optics and chemistry. He also took an interest in alchemy. Funny fact: In the Dutch translation of Harry Potter, the Minister for Magic (Cornelius Fudge) is called Cornelis Droebel. - Extremely rare edition of this work (first printed in 1621(?)). No other copy found, not in NCC. - Hoogendoorn Dreb04-5; Bierens de Haan 1244. Ad 2: A collection of 11 brief alchemical works first published in English as Collectanea chymica (1684) by the English bookseller William Cooper, known for his interest in alchemical literature. - Klaversma/Hannema 464; Ferguson, Bib. chem. II, p. 402 (note); Schoneveld 572 (note). Ex libris C.G. v. Arkel.

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