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ORNITHOLOGY -- GOULD -- COLLECTION of 10 coloured and hand finished lithographed plates drawn from nature, taken from John Gould's 'Folio Bird Books', incl. 2 duplicates. London, printed by Hullmandel & Walton, 1840's/50's. 555 x 384 mm each (paper size). (Some marginal splits and staple holes in places, but in fine and clean condition).

The quality of Gould's lithographs hardly needs comment; they are among the best made in the nineteenth century. Present: "Pteroglossus Humboldtii" - "Eulampis Holosericeus" - "Eriocnemis Squamata" (2x)- "Hirundo Filifera" - "Paëtornis Intermedius" (2x) - "Spathura Rufocaligata" - "Dorifera Johannæ" - "Ramphomicron Vulcani".

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result € 1000

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