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BRUEGHEL -- "LE GRASSE CUISINE/De Vette Keucken" - "LE MAIGRE CUISINE/De Mager Keucken" - (Amst.), H. H(ondius), (between 1563 and 1573). Engr. attributed to Hans Liefrinck (monogrammed "I.L.F.") after Pieter van der Heyden's print (1563) after Pieter Bruegel (the Elder). W. 2 line caption in French and Dutch. 220 x 280 mm. Framed, glazed and under passepartout. (A bit browned, some colouring in blue added in places to the fat kitchen, uninspected out of frame).

Both satirical prints: the fat people in their 'fat kitchen' are distorted grotesques who are mocked for their lack of restraint in eating; the poor thin people in their 'thin kitchen' are also caricatured without compassion. Hans Liefrinck was active between 1538 and 1573. - New Hollstein Dutch 36 and 37, copies b.

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