Auction 356 Classical Antiquity - Philosophy

AALL, A. Geschichte der Logosidee in der griech. Philosophie. (Nachdr. Ausg. 1896). 1968. Ocl. Rare. -- J.I. BEARE. Greek theories of elementary cognition from Alcmaeon to Aristotle. (Repr. ed. 1906. 1963). Ocl. -- G. VERBEKE. L'évolution de la doctrine du pneuma. Du stoicisme à S. Augustin. 1945. Owrps. (A bit browned). -- W. JAEGER. Paideia. The ideals of Greek culture. Transl. by G. Highet. 1944-65. 3 vols. Ocl. w. (a bit dam.) dust-j. (Spines browned). -- And 14 o. (20).

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