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NIDER, J. Formicarius. Augsburg, Anton Sorg, n.d. (c. 1484). (190) lvs. Initials by hand in red & blue, rubrications by hand throughout. Fol. Mod. antique style black mor. bind. (First & last blank not present, lower margin stained in places (more so between b3 and c8, annotations by several hands) in outer margins in places, but espec. on lvs. a2 and a3, but - despite this - a very good copy w. ample margins).

The Formicarius, a long, moralizing treatise in the form of a dialogue between a theologian and a student, was written in 1435-1437 by Johannes Nider at the Council of Basel. It was printed in 1475 and is the second ever printed book discussing witchcraft. Johannes Nider, (Isny c. 1380 - Nuremberg 1438), Dominican theologian, writer, diplomat, reformer. He was a celebrated preacher throughout Germany and Switzerland. He was prior of the convent of strict observance at Basle, 1429-36, and from 1429 to 1438 was vicar over all the reformed priories in Germany. -- ISTC in00176000; Hain 11832, etc.

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