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PROFESSIONS -- ALLERLEI NUTTIGE BEDRIJVEN voor vlijtige kinderen. Rott., E. Haagens, (c. 1860). (8) pp. W. 8 full-p. lithographs accompagnied by four-line poems depicting calls and professions. Or. limp brds. (Rubbed on edges). -- Added: VELERLEI AMBACHTEN en bedrijven, met toepasselijke versjes tot nut der jeugd. (Turnhout), Glénisson en Van Genechten, (c. 1850). (36) pp. W. 36 bordered woodcut illustr. of professions w. eight-line poems praising the virtues of each, 18 of the woodcuts are coloured in a child's hand. Owrps. (Spine dam., shaky, occ. stain in the margin). -- (2).

Ad 1: The 'Nuttige bedrijven' picture book is known in the 's-Hertogenbosch edition (ca. 1850). The current Rotterdam edition seems to be a later reprint of the same stones, not in NCC.

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result € 220

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