Auction 355 Classical Antiquity - Authors

HOMERUS. Odyssey VI-VIII. Ed. (w. introd. & comm.) by A.F. Garvie. (2003). Pbck. -- ID. Opera. Tom. V. (Ed.) Th.W. Allen. (2008). Obrds. -- I.M. HOHENDAHL-ZOETELIEF. Manners in the Homeric epic. 1980. Owrps. -- H. MERTZ. The wine dark sea. Homer's heroic epic of the North Atlantic. (1964). Ocl. w. (stained) dust-j. -- S.E. BASSETT. The poetry of Homer. New ed. by B. Heiden. (2003). Owrps. -- B. LOUDEN. The Odyssey. Structure, narration, and meaning. (1999). Ocl. w. dust-j. -- And 14 o. on H. (20).

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