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(MONTFAUCON DE VILLARS, N.-P.-H. l'abbé de). Comte de Gabalis, ou entretiens sur les sciences secretes. Rénouvellé & augm. d'une Lettre sur ce sujet. - Bound with: (Id.). La suite du Comte de Gabalis, ou nouveaux entretiens sur les sciences secretes, touchant la Nouvelle Philosophie. Ouvrage posthume. - Amst., P. de Coup, 1715. - And: (Id.). Les genies assistans, et gnomes irreconciliables, ou suite au Comte de Gabalis. The Hague,, 1718. - Tog. 3 parts in 1 vol. 155; 152; (2), 176 pp. Sm-8°. Old vellum w. overl. sides. (A bit browned throughout, but a good copy).

Tasty parody of magic, astrology, alchemy, divination and what Montfaucon calls "the Holy Cabal". This book, full of irony and charm in its form of half-philosophical half-burlesque dialogues, met with real bookstore success. His call to a certain marvelous completely renewed this genre. Its influence was lastingly exercised in literature, and it is clearly one of the springs of the discredit of magic, astrology and alchemy in France at the end of the 17th Century. Parts 2 and 3 first editions. - Caillet 7703.

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