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ARCHITECTURE -- DANCKERS, J. Architectura chivilis. Vertoonende verscheyde Treffelijcke cappen soo van Toorens, Kercke, als mede veelderhande voorname Huysen, etc. en eenige Wenteltrappe (...). Amst., R. & J. Ottens, (c. 1750). W. engr. ti., 8 text-pp. & 40 engr. plates (nr. 9-48). - Bound with: (P.) BULLET. Verschyde schoorsteenmantels nieulykx geinventeert. Amst., R. & J. Ottens, (c. 1750). W. 22 engr. plates, incl. engr. ti. & 6 (fold.) engr. plates by C. Danckers after Jean Le Pautre. - And: J. LE PAUTRE. Nouveau livre d' porte d' la chambre. Amst., R. & J. Ottens, (c. 1750). 5 (of 6?) plates. - And 66 o. engr. plates are bound up. - Tog. 140 engrs. in 1 vol. Fol. Mod. vellum. (Margins of 5 plates rep. w. tape, some plates bound upside up, margins of some plates cut too short, stained/soiled in places).

Leaves A1-A6 with plates 'A' to 'F' and nrs. 2-53 from Bosboom's 'Architectura' are bound in randomly throughout the book, as well as 8 plates by Stoopendael. - Fowler 96 (note); 74 (note) & 182 (nr. 24). - Sold as is it is, not subject to return.

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result € 180

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