Auction 355 Classical Antiquity - Art & Archeology

CRIELAARD, J.P., (a.o.), ed. The complex past of pottery. Production, circulation and consumption of Mycenaean and Greek pottery (16th to early 5th c. B.C.). 1999. Ocl. -- K.F. JOHANSEN. Exochi, ein frührhodisches Gräberfeld. 1958. 4°. Ocl. w. (a bit dam./soiled) dust-j. -- G.M.A. RICHTER. Attic red-figured vases, a survey. 1946. Cont. hcf. -- Added: A. KINGSLEY PORTER. Romanesque sculpture of the pilgrimage roads. 1985. 3 vols. Ocl. -- And 11 o. (17).

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