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WILGENKAMP BINDERY -- SHAKESPEARE, W. Sonnet XVIII. By La Société Anonyme. (Text in binary code). Blokker, Marja Wilgenkamp, 2012. ccxiii, (9) pp. Or. padouk (wooden) binding (190 x 150 x 45 mm) with title laser cut in front and back cover (also in flyleaves). In or. cloth box w. small wooden plate on front side with portrait of Shakespeare carved in.

Printed in a limited edition of 70 copies on Hanemuhle Ingres paper. This is one of 5 copies (#3) specially bound by Marja Wilgenkamp in a wooden cover (by Jaap Borra, guitarbuilder) and a handmade cloth box. One copy is purchased by the KB. Masterpiece of modern bookbinders art!

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